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Hey there, my name is Amelia!


I am a qualified Hatha, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher. I studied and trained in India for my 200hr Hatha YTT qualification in 2020 and I also received my Prenatal and Postnatal Certificate online, with Bliss Baby Yoga, in 2021.

Everything we do has an impact on our lives, from what we read, to what we eat and even the way we move our bodies.


I am here to help you move with intention and breathe through any situation. I am here to help you build a strong foundation that can be used on and off the mat. I am here to help you love yourself more and appreciate all you have around you. 

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Join me for in-studio classes locally in Durban North and Windemere as well as online.

Strengthen your connection with your body and baby with in depth, loving and safe prenatal classes.

Offer your team the opportunity to get off their chairs and get moving!

Provide your students the space to grow and mold themselves in a stress free, energising environment.

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