Spring Clean Your Routine

Spring is in the air and there is nothing better than the transition into Spring! We always believe in a good Spring Clean and this also applies to your skincare. Changing things up and adding in a different element or way of doing things sustainably, always keeps things fun and interesting. 

This can be done through products or even tools. Our latest Reusable Collection is a brilliant example of this! Switching out your disposable cotton pads and facial wipes with a reusable alternative will not only make you a hero of sustainability but also add a different element of awareness into your routine and minimise your consumption. We want to simplify what you use and still give you the best results, all while helping you mould your Reducer mindset.

Another aspect of a good spring clean is adapting your current routine to suit a new season. With Spring on its way here are a few things we recommend:

  • Adding a sunscreen into your morning routine - with the weather improving, you will definitely be outside more, so remember to protect your skin!

  • Go the natural route - let your skin shine and try to not wear as much makeup (your skin will definitely thank you for this).

  • Remember to exfoliate - exfoliation will aid in the absorption of moisturisers and remove dead skin cells, giving you a beautiful and fresh glow (check out our blog post on exfoliation to learn more about this important part of your weekly routine).

  • Reorganise your products - Get rid of anything that does not serve you and only keep the essentials.

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