Making the switch to Natural Deodorant

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Last month was the launch of our new product, our entirely natural, vegan, preservative and chemical-free Deodorant Putty - and the best part is it leaves you feeling fresh and odour free without all the nasties!

Our Deodorant putty is designed to make the transition to natural deodorant a bit easier! You can enjoy the anti-bacterial, detoxing effects of bentonite clay, the refreshing scent of lime essential oil and the soothing, hydrating properties of coconut oil, along with different natural starches, to keep your underarms happy and clean.

It may sound weird and gross to some, but you are supposed to sweat! Sweating is how we regulate our body temperature and release toxins. A misconception is that sweat equals bad odour, which is not the case, as sweat is just salt and water. You have good and bad bacteria that live under your armpits, and when the sweat comes in contact with the bad bacteria a bad smell is released due to a natural chemical reaction. Using a natural deodorant, like our Deodorant Putty, however, can change this reaction!

Still unsure about natural deodorant? Don’t sweat it! Here are a few reasons why going au naturel is the best option for you:

  • Chemical-filled antiperspirants are doing more harm than good when it comes to your health. They are designed to block your pores and stop you from sweating (which is the opposite to what we need to do to control our body temperature and detox the body).

  • By blocking the pores there is a build-up of sweat underneath the skin, which can cause skin issues such as bumps and irritations.

  • Some studies also suggest that chemically manufactured antiperspirants have a link to Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer due to the aluminium compounds found in their ingredients.

  • Natural deodorant contains wholesome and natural ingredients which benefit your health as they do not clog your pores. By allowing the good bacteria to digest the bad bacteria and have a balanced and healthy environment to live in, there is a decrease in body odour without the use of deodorant.

Now we totally understand your concerns for the welfare of the rest of humankind when it comes to your body odour! So do not fear, our Deodorant Putty is designed to keep your pits smelling fresh without blocking your pores.

How to use our Deodorant Putty

As this is a natural product, its consistency may change according to climate.

To use the product simply place about half a pea-sized amount underneath the armpit and rub in. If the product is too hard due to colder temperatures, you can use your nail to scoop out the product and soften in between your fingers before applying.

Check out our natural Deodorant Putty here.

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