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Reduce Skincare is a plant-based, cruelty, preservative and chemical free skincare brand based in Durban, South Africa.

We provide quality, affordable and sustainable alternatives. We aim to share self-love, awareness and positivity with our customers, while offering eco-friendly and sustainable products that make a difference in people’s lives.




Darren Maule

"Okay! It’s official! This ish is the ish! I put some Mousse on my dry lips last night and rubbed some on my cracked heels for good measure and then just rubbed the residue into hands. All 3 of these areas this morning are super soft and silky smooth! How? In 24 hours! What which-craft is this!"

Leanne Banks

"I've been using the Reduce Skincare facial oil for 2 weeks and my skin is AMAZING! It's softer and smoother and feels so well nourished. I must admit that I was skeptical of using oil on my face but I am firmly converted :D Thanks for such an incredible product. And I love that it's vegan!"

Lisel Van Der Mescht

"I just love love LOVE the mousse! I use it on my face every night and have noticed a visibly clearer skin. I have also used it on my feet, it left my heels so soft! Most surprising was how soft and silky it left my hair! So versatile, I'm truly impressed. I also have been using the Reduce lip balm. Before I only used zam-buk because nothing else worked - I'm so relieved to not have to put up with that smell anymore, and my lips are softer than ever! Thanks guys, your products are truly amazing!"

Sarah Connell

"I bought one of the face masks last weekend, I absolutely love it💕 it’s perfect for my skin (I have very sensitive skin) and smells so good. The service was amazing and delivery was so quick. Very very impressed and will definitely be placing another order in the near future."

Susan Donnison

"I have tried a few Reduce products and love them all. My favourite is the mousse. My daughter loves it too and the mousse has now become one of her Christmas gifts every year! :)"

Nicola Lawton

"My past year or so experience with REDUCE as been the most amazing.. I have never ever had such amazing skin!! Almost all REDUCE products are my favourite... Keep it up and keep creating.... Proud reduce supporter."

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